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An inspection is nothing without a competent inspector

The team we have here at Qualtek Electrical is one that dedicates itself to ensuring the safety of those clients they’re called to help. During their inspections, they use specialist techniques to look for faults or indicators of them that otherwise wouldn’t be visible via other means. Offering some of the finest services for fixed wire testing Leeds has available, we are the people to contact if you believe your own electrical appliances to be defective. Continue reading

Have you tested your emergency lighting?

Emergency lighting must meet code requirements and be designed to limit risk. All of the lights and exit signage should be subject to testing every month for 30 seconds and annually for 90 minutes. This is to ensure the systems will function correctly in the event of a fire. Qualtek Electrical provides the best emergency light testing Leeds businesses have available to them, ensuring safety and efficiency. Continue reading

Myth busting thermographic surveys

When it comes to health and safety in relation to electronic appliances, there is nobody more knowledgeable than we are. Providing an appreciable collection of services, including the finest thermographic surveying Leeds has ever seen, we check the condition of your devices to ensure that they are in good standing. Well priced and designed to locate faults undetectable by other means, our surveys are the ones you should depend on. Continue reading

PAT testing: What you need to know

As you may have guessed from the company’s name, electronics are our area of expertise. What we do is offer clients a series of dedicated services that focus on examining appliances to determine if they are in excellent working order. Being one of the top businesses for PAT testing Leeds has available; we are the people to rely on if you suspect your own electrical goods to be faulty. Continue reading

What’s involved in manual emergency light testing?

Our main focus at Qualtek Electrical is to deliver top-notch results to clients whilst complying to all the relevant health & safety laws. Specialising in a cluster of subjects, including emergency lights, our team does everything within its power to meet your requirements without causing too much disruption. As one of the top businesses for emergency light testing Leeds has available, we are the people to call if you’re concerned about the condition of these systems. Continue reading

When you should test your emergency lighting

As there is a possibility of lighting failure due to problems with usual supplies, it is important to test back-up systems often. The tests are important as the illumination may be the only source of light if power failure did occur. Luckily the team at Qualtek excels at providing emergency light testing Leeds businesses can trust. Continue reading

Is PAT Testing legally required?

Currently, there are no strict legal requirements for PAT testing. However the government has placed regulations to pertain to the maintenance of many electrical appliances, so the tests are recognised as the most effective way of ensuring your safety. At Qualtek we work hard to provide the highest quality PAT testing Leeds based clients can ask for, delivering professionalism and excellent prices. Continue reading

Everything needs to be correct during a fixed wire test

We are a company that provides electrical services to clients in an effort to keep them and their appliances safe. So that we can reach this goal, we employ a dedicated team of engineers and have a talented a contract management department that is unmatched by any other. As one of the greatest establishments for fixed wire testing Leeds has available, we offer customers first class work for reasonable rates. Continue reading

No emergency lighting means severe consequences

As a professional electrical company, we do our best to not only provide our clients with a first class experience, but also comply with the set health and safety regulations. We have a diverse range of services, including the likes of PAT and fixed wire testing, but perhaps one of our most crucial is examining emergency lighting installations. Due to our status as one of the finest companies for emergency light testing Leeds has to offer, we are the people to contact if you are concerned with the condition of your electronics. Continue reading

Are there requirements for a thermographical survey?

As you can tell from the name, our speciality lies within the electrical trade. Offering a diverse range of services, including the likes of surveying and testing, we examine your equipment in order to determine whether it’s in good standing or if it requires attention. As one of the finest companies for thermographic surveying Leeds has to offer, ours is the team to rely on if you’re not too confident about the state of your appliances. Continue reading