Everything needs to be correct during a fixed wire test

We are a company that provides electrical services to clients in an effort to keep them and their appliances safe. So that we can reach this goal, we employ a dedicated team of engineers and have a talented a contract management department that is unmatched by any other. As one of the greatest establishments for fixed wire testing Leeds has available, we offer customers first class work for reasonable rates.

In some areas, fixed wire testing is referred to as periodic inspection, and it consists of the examination of electronic devices within a structure. Because assessments of this nature are legal requirements, it’s vital that they be performed properly and without fail. Mistakes are a possibility however, and if you intend to remain safe, you should avoid making any whilst conducting your investigations.

A necessity of this kind of testing is to make certain that all of the cable sizes are correct. Inspectors could potentially evaluate a cable size inaccurately, something that can leave the protective apparatus unfit for usage. Such an error can lead to cables carrying loads that exceed their limits. If this is allowed to happen, cabling can melt and an electrical fire may soon follow.

The circuits you are working with might have undergone some slight modifications since being installed. For example, additional sockets could have been introduced improperly. What this means for the tester is that these amendments to the circuit may not be as standard. During fixed wire testing, adjustments are one of the first things to look out for, as they can result in faults if ignored.

At Qualtek Electrical, our tests start from £0.79 per unit and are useful for discovering those difficult to locate problems. With our help, you will receive a comprehensive assessment on all of your goods, free minor repairs, and an electronic inventory within five working days.

If you believe that our examinations would benefit you, please get into contact with us. It is easy to arrange services from the best team for fixed wire testing Leeds has to offer.