An inspection is nothing without a competent inspector

The team we have here at Qualtek Electrical is one that dedicates itself to ensuring the safety of those clients they’re called to help. During their inspections, they use specialist techniques to look for faults or indicators of them that otherwise wouldn’t be visible via other means. Offering some of the finest services for fixed wire testing Leeds has available, we are the people to contact if you believe your own electrical appliances to be defective.
As stated by the Electricity at Works Regulations 1989, managers need to take every required step to stop any hazards arising out of their electronics. The EAWR doesn’t specifically mention fixed wire testing, or any other tests for that matter, but regulation 4(2) does demand the maintenance of systems to prevent issues.

However, the assessments alone aren’t sufficient. Section 16 of the EAWR declares that an individual of exceptional skill and confidence must perform these investigations. Should an employer fail to comply with these requirements, the results can be calamitous, with them even extending to personal liability in some scenarios.

Research into director prosecutions revealed that 46 managers and directors had been prosecuted. This is a worrying figure, considering that only 15 had faced charges the previous year. Under the most recent sentencing guidelines, it’s likely that these numbers will increase.

Simply contacting an electrician isn’t enough. You must make certain that they’re competent with both examinations and evaluations. Not only can competent experts such as ourselves aid you in fulfilling your legal duties, but our experience also allows us to work without causing noticeable disruptions to standard procedures.

At Qualtek Electrical, we seek to offer every customer an efficient and hasty service. The pricing for our fixed wire testing begins at £195, with the frequency at which we recommend these tests be carried out depending on the building you currently reside in.

We are the most competent team for fixed wire testing Leeds has, delivering consistent standards for every client. If you’re worried about your own electronics, please get in touch with the company as soon as possible.