Myth busting thermographic surveys

When it comes to health and safety in relation to electronic appliances, there is nobody more knowledgeable than we are. Providing an appreciable collection of services, including the finest thermographic surveying Leeds has ever seen, we check the condition of your devices to ensure that they are in good standing. Well priced and designed to locate faults undetectable by other means, our surveys are the ones you should depend on.

Electronic thermal imaging assessments are conducted when a plant and its equipment is still operational. There won’t be any disruptions to your machinery though and the main operations themselves will also go on unimpeded whilst the survey is in effect.

By having your own utensils scanned, you can save on some massive costs by pinpointing potential errors and correcting them before they’re given the chance to worsen. However, there are certain myths about this practice that some have adopted as truth. In order to set the record straight, we are going to discuss some of the most common ones here.

Some say that the survey can be done without opening panel covers. This is false however. You can fit infrared windows to switchgear to give yourself a restricted view, but an expert must remove these covers so that the survey can be as efficient as possible. If anyone else tells you otherwise, you should probably ask for their credentials.

The next myth is that you can do a survey while there’s no power. Again, this isn’t true. Without a minimum electrical load of 40%, chances are that the fault isn’t going to generate sufficient heat to allow for an appropriate examination on how severe it is, or to indicate its presence at all.

At Qualtek Electrical, we dedicate ourselves to supplying you with assistance that is both effective and quick. We offer thermographic surveying Leeds clients can arrange to suit their needs. Prices start from £195 and there are absolutely no hidden charges involved. Additionally, within five working days following the test you shall be issued with a quality electronic report that outlines all the details of your contraptions.

If you are concerned about your own appliances, please get in touch.