How often should fixed wire testing be carried out?

Fixed wire testing was initially only required to be completed every 5 years, but this approach isn’t really recommended much anymore. This legal procedure for organisations is to make sure electrical equipment is safe for use; therefore doing tests so infrequently can potentially cause accidents in the workplace. Luckily the Qualtek Electrical can provide fixed wire testing Leeds businesses can schedule as regularly as they require.

The testing covers all electrical equipment and checks it for efficiency, whilst looking for any dangers that can be rectified. It is one of the most useful ways to determine if devices are safe or present any hazards.

New approaches for fixed wire testing are a result of recent changes to wiring regulations. These say that electrical installations shouldn’t be left for 5 years as previously stated. Instead, the process involves completing annual visual checks of electrical equipment.

Additionally, it should be considered what type of environment devices are used in and the impact this has on testing. This is because some public areas can create a massive hazard due to failing electrics, such as swimming pools, and therefore everything needs to be tested more frequently.

Note that all qualified professionals who carry out this test can do the following: increase/decrease the amount of time prior to the next inspection, flag up any installations for repairs, and provide invaluable advice. The frequency of testing is ultimately down to the person and organisation carrying it out.

Qualtek Electrical provides various electrical tests and specialise in periodic fixed wire testing Leeds businesses can have complete trust in. It is a legal requirement to test all equipment and systems as they should be in safe condition for commercial and industrial working environments. We ensure you meet these requirements and maximise safety.

If you would like more information on your recommended testing frequency, then please get in touch today. We will be pleased to advise you.