PAT testing: What you need to know

As you may have guessed from the company’s name, electronics are our area of expertise. What we do is offer clients a series of dedicated services that focus on examining appliances to determine if they are in excellent working order. Being one of the top businesses for PAT testing Leeds has available; we are the people to rely on if you suspect your own electrical goods to be faulty.

In the majority of countries, electrical regulations exist that demand a certain level of electronic safety in commercial properties. Under said regulations, devices that could present hazards need to be inspected annually. Those that fall short of the safe mark should be removed from service altogether, or repaired if possible.

In our country, the relevant law is the Electricity At Work Regulations 1989. This specifies the preservation of electrical welfare and that evidence of regular assessments be produced. What it doesn’t define is the manner in which this should be accomplished. However, the way that we normally decide whether something is suitable for use is via PAT testing.

The individual tests involved are essential to guaranteeing that the unseen characteristics of your machinery’s safety are in position, and that there’s no risk to the users. Something worth remembering though is that they form but one component of the overall spectrum. Once you’ve PAT tested a reasonable volume of electronics, you shall discover that it’s quite rare to fail them on the electrical inspections, but common to fail them during visual examinations.

Countless chords have tough life spans and are damaged over time. The utensils themselves also pick up scrapes and knocks, which expose us to harm. Therefore, it’s critical you understand that the visual assessments are the most vital parts, and that not having a PAT tester doesn’t mean that you can’t ensure your gadgetry’s safety.

At Qualtek Electrical, pricing for PAT tests begins at 69p, making ours a rather cost effective service. Working on a nationwide basis, we’ve been able to please hundreds of customers, and we hope to do the same for others in the future.

If you would like our assistance, please get in touch. We will arrange the right service for you, delivering the very best PAT testing Leeds businesses could hope for.