Reflectivity and emissivity are crucial in thermography?

As specialist electrical services providers, we go above and beyond to ensure that your appliances are in working order. Sometimes however, conventional methods are unable to tell us whether an issue is present. Fortunately our techniques aim to change all that. As one of the top businesses for thermographic surveying Leeds has available, we are the people to call if you are even the least bit worried about your electronics.

Thermography acts as a visual approach to displaying invisible heat vitality. Usually, this is caught via infrared camera, which shows a map of all the temperature imbalances that are given off by everything with a surface temperature exceeding absolute zero. Elements are interpreted as thermal patterns, using various shades or colours of grey depending on what palette is chosen.

To explain the thermal patterns, one must have an understanding of the environmental state that existed when the images were taken. Additionally, you also need to understand the surface characteristics of those substances that were viewed.

Reflectivity and emissivity are the two attributes of a material that decide how reliable your thermal patterns will be. Those mediums with great emissivity for example come with minute reflectivity and vice versa. Only matter that is highly emissive shall yield a well-founded reading.

Materials like plaster and brick come with a sizeable emissivity, whereas glass and metals give off little. Given that a large number of older structures are comprised of towering emissivity elements, thermography can prove immensely useful when it comes to inspecting the fabrics of existing constructs. The principal benefit of this approach is that you can determine what is transpiring beneath a building’s casings without taking it apart.

At Qualtek Electrical, the best thing about the thermographic survey is that no contact between our devices and the building are necessary. This enables us to examine your live components without there being much risk to the user, and prevent any harm to your system before it’s able to occur.

If you believe that our services are required, please get in touch with us. We will arrange to conduct a survey and deliver the very best information. We are proud to be the leading provider of thermographic surveying Leeds has and always focus on serving clients in the most effective way possible.