Have you tested your emergency lighting?

Emergency lighting must meet code requirements and be designed to limit risk. All of the lights and exit signage should be subject to testing every month for 30 seconds and annually for 90 minutes. This is to ensure the systems will function correctly in the event of a fire. Qualtek Electrical provides the best emergency light testing Leeds businesses have available to them, ensuring safety and efficiency.
It is important that the responsible body stays up to date with the testing. This could be the property owner or the tenant. If safety systems are not checked you could face penalties. In the worst case scenario, and there was a fire in your building, emergency lighting systems can literally mean life or death for someone.

What is required for emergency lights is illuminated paths. They should guide people to the fastest route to exit buildings. These paths are governed by multiple standards and codes, including the International Fire Code, National Fire Protection Agency’s NFPA 101 and 70, the OSHA regulations, and the National Electrical Code.

No matter what the type or size of your facility, you are by law required to perform emergency light testing. Not only do the individually timed tests need to be carried out, but also cutting the power supply to the facility is necessary to see if back-ups work correctly.

One of the most important things to remember following a test where the main power is cut is to check any batteries in the lights. They may have been damaged or drained by the usage. If you fail to check them you could leave a problem waiting to happen.

The risks posed if testing is ignored can range from fines to prison sentences. Although it is the responsibility of the building owner or tenant to do the tests, inhabitants have a role to play too. They should point out any problems with the system, including signs that are not clear or routes that have been obstructed. Every emergency lighting system should be in accordance with BS5266-1.

If you are unsure of such jargon regarding testing, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Qualtek Electrical today. We can offer a complete service or advice about your obligations. We are the best team for emergency light testing Leeds has to you can trust in our recommendations and services.