What’s involved in manual emergency light testing?

Our main focus at Qualtek Electrical is to deliver top-notch results to clients whilst complying to all the relevant health & safety laws. Specialising in a cluster of subjects, including emergency lights, our team does everything within its power to meet your requirements without causing too much disruption. As one of the top businesses for emergency light testing Leeds has available, we are the people to call if you’re concerned about the condition of these systems.

In order to test emergency lighting set ups, a mains power termination on the separate luminaries or regular lighting circuits needs to be done. What this does is forces the lights to function by utilising their batteries. A test of this nature can be conducted either manually or automatically.

With manual testing, a mock mains crash can be attained by supplying a switch to segregate every lighting circuit. If this sort of test is performed, the examiner must consider the points listed below.

In systems that possess one switch for the entire structure or a sizeable circuit, once the mains failure has been simulated it becomes mandatory for the assessor to walk the complete circuit or construct. This is done to ensure that all emergency luminaries are operating properly. Following the mains power’s restoration, the full circuit or premises has to be walked again to see if the lights are recharging.

If your emergency luminaries are switched individually, one walk around the structure is all that will be required. However, these test switches might not do any favours for the building’s decor. Not only this, but their design must make it so that they’re tamperproof. Once the tests have been concluded, the system’s performance should be recorded into the fire safety logbook.

At Qualtek Electrical, when we test your lights every battery is inspected and each light fitting is cleaned. Since it’s a legal requirement, we also perform a full three hour discharge trial while we are on site. At the end, a free logbook shall be left with you that can be used for future reference.

If your own lights need testing, please let us know. We will be more than happy to arrange a test and provide important information regarding the condition of the system. When it comes to emergency light testing Leeds has no better specialist than us.